About us

As we know, the increase in wireless network and mobile application services has a massive growth all over the world. Especially in Asia, Europe and North America, more and more users have been moving to cellular packet data networks away from circuit-switched data services. This growth is largely driven by the increased requirement on SMS, WAP, WiFi and so on. Futhemore, with the deployment of 3G and WiMax, a new explosion of wireless application growth is coming.

Wireless Labs

Wireless Labs Technologies is founded under the force of such a fast growing mobile communication market. The goal is to provide solution of mobility-focused applications and consumer-based data services. You can see many wirelss based products in the lab. If you have interest on them, please do contact with Wireless Labs. Any kind of cooperation is welcome.

«Labs» also stands for «Lifeful, Active, Bright, Smart». Wireless Lab promises to go on providing lifeful, active, bright and smart products to people.